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Yes, Virginia, RAM Has A Smooth Ride

Most people really don't want their trucks to handle like a bumper car. Bad roads can do a number on your spinal cord. The RAM 1500 truck has the option for a class exclusive air suspension for a smoother ride. Yes, Virginia RAM trucks have a smooth ride.

Some of your passengers might be a little more sensitive than a cowboy, who is used to riding a "bucking bronco." Unfortunately, the road might or might not be so accommodating.

Thankfully, RAM has offered class exclusive air suspension systems to improve your ride...

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Jim Roy's Ram 2500 Truck is a Workhorse

Before trucks, horses did all of the heavy work around town. Of course, that is the origin of the horsepower and workhorse terms. Learn why Jim Roy's Ram 2500 Truck is such a workhorse and play horse.

Owning a small home improvement firm allows you to be quite creative. At times, the work can be backbreaking. Thankfully, Jim Roy has earned a great reputation for his custom-built homes. Over 35 clients have trusted Jim Roy to build their beautiful homes.

In 2015, Jim Roy continued his relationship with the Ram family. He has been quite satisfied with this workhorse…
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Ram Heavy Duty: Power and Versatility

Our dealership is never a boring sight with the massive Ram Heavy Duty trucks drawing so much interest and awe. This video explains why so many people are talking about the new Heavy Duty models and why they are worth their proud name.

Heavy Duty is about being versatile. With two engine options ranging from the HEMI V8 to the Cummins Diesel, the power in the Ram Heavy Duty will never disappoint. Being such a large truck, the Heavy Duty comes equipped with all of the space and accommodation desired both inside and out. However, the Ram Heavy Duty isn…
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We Cater to Business Owners

One of the common assumptions that some people make regarding our dealership is that we do not provide a large selection of commercial vehicles.
The commercial side of our dealership is handled differently than other aspects, so people sometimes make the wrong conclusion concerning the availability of commercial vehicles at our dealership.
That said, we do, in fact, offer a wide selection of commercial vehicles for business owners. All business owners are encouraged to stop by our dealership and inquire about our commercial vehicles.
We also have an outstanding video that business ...
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Sleek Does Not Mean Meek in this Truck's Interior

Rough, tough, fun, and sun -- searching for the truck that has everything but can't seem to find it anywhere? Well, we are glad that you have decided to visit us today!  There is a must-see preview for the truck that will provide you the dependability, durability, luxury, and comfort that will make every member of your family excited to drive around town.

Luxurious Features, Family Comfort, and Strength

Finally, getting a truck that meets every need is possible! Contact us today if you have any questions, our experts are always available to help you! Heated seats and steering...
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Old Reliable RAM

Never have to depend on another truck as this one has all your trucking needs. If you have the feeling that something's missing in your current truck, you won't get that feeling with the RAM truck. This truck is simply the most dependable truck on the market.

Why and what makes this the case for the RAM? You may ask. First of all the power behind this machine is amazing. It also has enormous towing capacity and simply gets the job done. Something about this vehicle just gives the peace of mind and relaxed feeling that you deserve…

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Ram Trucks and Its Place in American History

Ram Trucks is proud of its role in American history. It supplied the Dodge WC during WWII and eventually, the M37 in the Korean War. The two trucks were used to carry the bulk of needed materials as well as other vehicles.

The Dodge WC took American and allied troops through some of the hardest battles in WWII. The WC specialized in moving light military trucks, weapon carriers, telephone installation trucks, ambulances and reconnaissance vehicles. Of the many 4×4 models built during WWII, the typical features included an 116-inch wheelbase, hydraulic brakes, a six-cylinder engine and...

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Dodge’s New Color Palette to Bring Back Memories

Dodge’s new color palette didn’t come from a staunch group of corporate executives. Instead, about a dozen people spent part of the day brainstorming and throwing ideas around at a color wall.

“Dodge has this awesome history to pull from with color,” said head of Dodge design, Mark Trostle. “It’s been very successful over the years with names like B5 Blue and Plum Crazy. Whether a customer remembers those from when they were new in the ‘60s and ‘70s, or they’re a new customer today, they love the names.”

Known as High Impact Paint (HIP), Dodge…

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Never Get Lost While Driving The 2017 Dodge Journey

The new 2017 Dodge Journey is here and loading tons of fun. The best part of the new Journey is the advanced technology features that will even impress your kids. Let’s explore a feature you are sure to enjoy while driving your new Journey - Navigation.

Navigation – When you need directions, get it with the available award-winning Garmin® GPS Navigation system. Never stress again when traveling in unfamiliar areas because you'll be guided into the appropriate exit, lanes, and turns with Lane Guidance. The Junction View feature provides realist 3-D displays of road signs...

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Take a Closer Look at The 2016 Dodge Viper

Ladies and Gentlemen…start your engines and feel the power of the 2016 Dodge Viper. The new Viper is ready to tackle any road it’s on with an all-aluminum 8.4L V10 engine that generates an astonishing 645 horsepower with 600 pound-feet of torque. The Dodge Viper handles like no other thanks to its single-mode high-performance suspension and available driver-selectable two-mode suspension that features Bilstein® DampTronic® Select shock absorbers with track and street settings.

The enormous clamshell hood is what holds the power of the Dodge Viper SRT®. It’s created from...

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