Interested in a Hybrid? Check Out the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

This cutting-edge van has dozens of amazing features that are going to make the transition from a pure gas vehicle to a hybrid much easier for the average driver. Here is a quick look at just a few of the upgrades and add-ons that can be found in the Pacifica.

The team here at L & M Motors understands just how frustrating “range anxiety” can be, and that is why we are proud to offer our clients hybrids like the Chrysler Pacifica. This van seamlessly switches from electric to gas when the batteries are starting to run out. That means you won’t have to worry about getting stuck between charging stations.

Chrysler’s new Pacifica also has a coaching tool that teaches you how to drive more efficiently. As your cruise through the streets of Athens, you can keep a close eye on the coaching tool in the instrument cluster to make sure that you stay within the eco-friendly range.



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