Safety Features in the New Dodge Grand Caravan

One thing you can count on in the new Dodge Grand Caravan is an abundance of safety features. Here are a few reasons for the popularity of this new family minivan.

The new Dodge Grand Caravan is going to keep those younger passengers safe in the back of the minivan. Each door has child protection rear door locks, meaning the kids will not be able to open the doors until you allow them to. The children can't open the door if the minivan is moving or into oncoming traffic.

It can be a struggle to see what is going on in the rear seats with a traditional little rear-view mirror. The new Dodge Grand Caravan has a huge observation mirror for having a panoramic view of everything.

If you would like to see these safety features in action, stop by L & M Motors to take the Dodge Grand Caravan for a test drive.



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