The Jeep Cherokee is a Vehicle With Good Ground Clearance

Among the things people look for in a vehicle is something with a good ground clearance. For this feature, we recommend the 2019 Jeep Cherokee. We see the capabilities of this vehicle and believe that it is something that should be at least considered for people to look into.

One of the features that give it its good ground clearance is the Trailhawk model which is designed for you to be able to make it around obstacles easily. Often times when you are on the road, you are going to find some obstacles that you are going to have to get around.

With the ability to get around obstacles, you are going to need some traction. Fortunately, you are given a lot of good traction with the Jeep Cherokee thanks to the Active Drive Lock 4X4 system which will help you keep everything under control with traction on the right tires.



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