Playing it Safe After an Accident

What Should You Do When Involved in an Accident?

Being involved in an accident is a stressful situation. L & M Motors in Athens would like to help keep you safe this driving season. Keeping calm, cool, and collective during this time may seem to be a significant challenge; however, it's important that you exercise some level of control no matter how upset you may be.

Contacting Emergency Medical Services and Police After an Accident

No matter what you do, never leave the scene of an accident without having it acknowledged. Hit and run accidents are punished rather significantly in court and there's typically a third party or a camera that caught the accident. This is true even if the other driver has fled, or it's only a seemingly minor incident. If there are any injuries, contact 911 at once for EMS and the police.

Exchange Information with the Other Driver if the Police aren't Involved

If you and the other driver are comfortable with not involving the police, be certain to get all the driver's information. It's most important that you have their name, address, and insurance information. Not involving the police can lead to major pitfalls, so it's always a good idea to report the accident immediately, regardless of the scenario.

Contacting Your Insurance Company and Having Repairs Completed

It's important to get estimates for repairs from L & M Motors, or another repair shop. If the incident is considered a "total loss" or "totaled," it's important to get documentation as well. Your insurance company must be notified that a claim is being submitted, even if it has already been submitted by the mechanic for authorization.

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